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Fall Meeting on the IUPUI Campus

map of IUPUI campusPlanning for the fall meeting of the INMS is well underway. The date is set for Thursday, October 27 in room CE 409 of the IUPUI Campus Center. The meeting starts at 6:00 pm with a social hour and dinner, and we will have two presentations from invited speakers. Gina Londino will talk about forensic microscopy and we hope to have someone from Purdue come speak about the structure of the Zika virus that was recently solved using cryo electron microscopy and image analysis. The meeting should be done by 9. Information about parking and more details about this event will be coming in the next INMS newsletter.

It's still a long time away, but Microscopy and Microanalysis - 2017 is coming to St Louis, MO the beginning of next August (Aug 6 to 10). The call for poster and presentation abstracts will come out before the end of the year and are usually due sometime in February. Since St Louis is so close to the entire state of Indiana, the INMS strongly urges all members of our society to attend this meeting. If you have never attended M&M, it is an amazing collection of people who do things similar to what you are doing and whose interests overlap with yours. In addition, the vendor area at M&M is the very best for electron microscopy and related equipment, and getting better every year with regard to light microscopy related equipment.

INMS Members in the News

We don't seem to have any recent reports of INMS members in the popular news. In lieu of that, we will highlight a collaboration between INMS member Barry Stein from the IU Bloomington campus and IU Southeast Prof. Pam Connerly and her undergraduate student Drew Gukeisen. Drew has discovered and characterized a new virus isolated from the Ohio River. Part of his characterization was done using one of the TEM's in the IUB Electron Microscopy Center. This work is described in more detail here.

NOTE: all the previous INMS In the News notes can be found here.

The Wellcome Trust in the UK has a large collection of images of all sorts (including scientific images such as this spinal cord motorneuron) and has recently announced a fabulous series of images that are the winners of the 11th Wellcome Image Awards. Take some time to scroll through this gallery of winners and think about adding your work to their collection in the coming years!

There is also a great public repository of cell biology images, videos and animations at The Cell: An Image Library™. The site is easy to search and contains thousands of entries.

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