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Here are the all the news stories (in reverse chronological order) about INMS members that have been used on the website:

In late 2014, INMS's very own Derron Bishop was named director and associate dean of the IU School of Medicine - Muncie. Derron is an adjunct professor of cellular and integrative physiology and has served as interim director and associate dean for the past year. The full article in Inside Indiana Business can be found here. Please congratulate Derron on this appointment.

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Dr. Vince H. Gattone, II. Vince was one of the founding members of the INMS and was active in both our local society and at the national meetings of the Microscopy Society of America. He will be sorely missed by his many friends and colleagues. His obituary from the Indianapolis Star is here.

Inside Indiana Business told the story in late 2012 of the Conservation Lab at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The lab is run by Dr. Gregory Smith (who spoke at our Fall meeting in 2011). The Inside Indiana Business article describes how the lab came into existence and the types of work that can be done there. The story ends with the description of a project where the lab helped date an Uzbek coat that could have been an early version from the late 1800's or a 20th century copy. Analysis of the dyes using high pressure liquid chromatography followed by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry indicates that the dyes are a mix of natural pigments and synthetic dyes, indicating that the coat is likely to be a 20th century copy. Please let the webmaster know about other INMS members in the news.

An article in the Indianapolis Star in early January, 2012, tells the story of a decades-old collection of autopsy brains that researchers think can be used to help diagnose some forms of mental illness. George Sandusky, who was profiled in a recent newsletter from our Secretary, plays a prominent role in this story, and we urge everyone in the INMS to take a look at this example of the work that some of our members do. There is also a nice video on YouTube that has an interview with George and and that deals with the Indiana Medical History Museum.

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