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News From the Secretary: August 12, 2011


Welcome to the August eNews letter. This issue introduces 3 of the INMS officers, has a product announcement from Mager Scientific, and lists an employment opportunity and a link for interesting reading.

Profiles of INMS Members

The purpose of these member profiles is to help the INMS membership learn the scientific and personal interests of various members to foster networking within our society.

David Morgan

David is the President of the Indiana Microscopy Society and is located at Indiana University in Bloomington. David directs a fee-for-use, intermediate-voltage electron microscopy facility that serves mostly members of the IU Bloomington campus. Samples studied come from chemists, geologists and biologists (and anyone else who needs the sort of data that the electron microscope can produce). The work is completely dependent on the sample and the interest of the users, and includes the analytical electron microscopy associated with materials science (STEM, EDX and EELS) and the structural biology associated with the growing field of biological cryo-electron microscopy.

David was influenced by his parents to pursue science as a career. After obtaining BA's in Chemistry, Latin and German at IUB, he received his PhD from Vanderbilt University. David has traveled through Central America with two of the three archaeologists credited with the key break-throughs that allowed the decipherment of Mayan hieroglyphics.

David's advice to his colleagues in the Indiana Microscopy Society is: "Don't be afraid of the math, physics and optics that describe how various types of microscopes function." If you have interest in contacting David for more information about his lab or his interesting sidelight, you can find his contact information on the INMS web page: from the Home Page, select Officers.

Clif Duhn

Clif is the Treasurer of the INMS. He grew up in San Francisco and returns there frequently to visit family. Clif works for IUPUI and the Indiana University School of Denistry. Clif uses SEM with EDS, Micro-CT, Profilometry and Terahertz Pulsed Imaging for various fields of research. Clif's most recent publication is: Nucleation and growth of apatite by a self-assembled polycrystalline bioceramic in Bioinspiration and Miomimetics (Vol 1, No 1).

Most people would not know that Clif was once a competitive skateboarder. Clif's advice to the members of the INMS is "Read lots of Wikipedia articles on subjects that interest you." Clif's contact information can be found on the INMS web page: from the Home Page, select Officers.

Jim Powers

Jim is the Biological Sciences Representative and is the third member of the INMS Executive Council featured in this newsletter. He manages the core light microscopy facility at IU Bloomington. The facility mostly does fluorescence microscopy. The core facility has basic widefield microscopes, confocals, high-throughput microscopes and an OMX super-resolution microscope. Jim is from Bloomington and he was influenced by his sixth grade teacher and by the fact that his father was in business and he vowed to have a job that did not require a suit and tie!

Jim did his undergraduate study in Wildlife Management and Conservation at Missouri State University, Springfield, MO and graduate studies in Cell and Molecular Biology, St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO.

The most recent publication from Jim is: Live-cell imaging of mitosis in Caenorhabditis elegans embryos in Methods (Vol 51. pp 197-205).

When Jim is not in the lab, he loves being on a river in his canoe. For his colleagues in the INMS, Jim offers the following advice: "If it's not working, follow the light path." To contact Jim, see the the INMS web page: from the Home Page, select Officers.


Microscopy Society of America

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Microscopy News

Microscopy-UK has tips and techniques, mostly on light microscopy


From Our Corporate Sponsors

Mager Scientific

Mager Scientific is excited to introduce three new instruments that will serve the electron microscopy community. Each one tackles a different but essential aspect of sample preparation. They are the critical point dryer EM CPD300, the bench-top high pressure freezer EM SPF, and the triple ion beam cryo miller EM TIC 3X. Made by Leica Nano Technology, these instruments will be making the rounds at conferences in the coming months. Stop by YouTube and take a peek at these:


For more information on specs and demos, contact Michael Boykin at 734-426-1137 or via e-mail


Job Opportunity

The SELA division of Camtek, USA, is seeking a Technical Support and Application Engineer. Brief qualifications: An engineer/technologist possessing a minimum of 3 years of best industry practice experience in technical support and field application engineering within advanced electron microscopy, TEM and SEM analysis and sample preparation environment. Superior knowledge in the areas of ion beam and electron beam technologies. Location is eastern New York state. If you have an interest in this position contact Mike Esterman and I will forward you the complete job description and contact information.


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